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Sunday, November 12, 2006

utl_file plsql package.


1.2 use the CREATE DIRECTORY feature instead of UTL_FILE_DIR for directory access verification.

2.Up to 8i, Oracle refused to access a file that is not pointed to in the utl_file_dir parameter in
the init.ora file.
In Oracle 9i, in order to access a file, either the utl_file_dir parameter must be set, or one has to create a directory.

3.First Availability
Oracle Version : 7.3.4

4.The UTL_FILE package is similar to the client-side TEXT_IO package currently provided by Oracle Procedure Builder. Restrictions for a server implementation require some API differences between UTL_FILE and TEXT_IO. In PL/SQL file I/O, errors are returned using PL/SQL exceptions.

5.Open Mode.
1.A append
2.R read
3.W write

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