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Saturday, January 27, 2007

ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed

1.Domain issue
When Server DOMAIN is different FROM client DOMAIN.

2.Password Change Issue
When 0S password is different FROM APPLICATION password.

3.NTS (Network Telephony Services)makes the Oracle client attempt to use your current Windows domain credentials to authenticate you with the Oracle server. This could fail for a couple of reasons:

- The Oracle server is not configured to support Windows authentication
- The credentials you use to login to your local machine are not sufficient to allow you to login to the server.

In my case, our Network Administrator had changed the password OS user, while rebooting the system, the Oracle popped up with the Credential Failure.

1.Replacing the line: NTS -----------> NONE (nts to none)




2. Install Oracle Client with LOCAL Administrator A/c.

1 comment:

Paschoal said...


In my case, this problem is not possible to simulate because sometimes we face this problem, so I used to change the sqlnet.ora as you said, access the database and return to NTS option.
Sometimes we face this problem between two instances connecting by dblink, in this case both of them are not a client but the server instalation.

Well thanks anyway.

Joao Lanaro