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Saturday, January 6, 2007

sysaux tablespace

SYSAUX Tablespace

SYSAUX tablespace was installed as an auxiliary tablespace to the system tablespace when we created our database.
Some database components that formerly created and used separate tablespaces now occupy the SYSAUX tablespace.

If sysaux tbs becomes unavailable, core database functionality will remain operational but dbs features that use the SYSAUX tbs could fail.

Viewing Components using SYSAUX tbs.
SQL> column occupant_name format a15
SQL> column occupant_desc format a30
SQL> column schema_name format a10
SQL> select schema_name,occupant_name,occupant_desc,space_usage_kbytes
from v$sysaux_occupants;

You can move components tbs other that SYSAUX first you know which component move is applicable or not.

SQL> column move_procedure format a25
SQL> column move_procedure_desc format a40
SQL> select move_procedure,move_procedure_desc from v$sysaux_occupants;

Two major components consume lot of space.

1.AWR ( automatic workload repository)
2.OEM ( oracle enterprise manager repository)

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