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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oracle Certified Professional

Oracle 10g --->Oracle Certified Professional

The Oracle Database 10g OCP is a credential for serious database professionals who have the skills to implement and manage complex Oracle Database 10g functions and the know-how to keep the database running at maximum efficiency. Acquiring an OCP credential is a real professional accomplishment that requires training and hands-on experience.

Paper Require : OCA + IZO-043 Oracle Database 10g Administration II
Exam Details :

Hand On Course Requirement

Oracle 10g OCM


Chirag said...

Can you please guide me on OCP 10g Hands-on Requirement Form..For this I must have to attend Instructor led Class room Training from Oracle University..??
Thanks in Advance..

M.S.Taj said...

For this I must have to attend Instructor led Class room Training from Oracle University..??

NO not at all.

Hands-on-requirement is online test you can visit site and fill hands on requirement forms.

this is about same general question like which oracle product we are using...which version ... how much you like oracle software ...

NOte: For OCP certification you MUST fill this forms without submit this forms you will not get OCP certificate.


Shankar said...

Hi Taj,

In the oracle site they say a point
No 5 below:

Step 1: Determine if you have completed the required training from the chart above

Step 2: Gather the following information you will need to complete the Hands On Course Requirement Form.

* Your Prometric Testing ID (found on all Oracle exam score reports).
* Your registration confirmation email from Oracle University for your hands-on course. If you don’t have your course confirmation email, you will need your hands-on course information: Course Title, Course Date and Course Location and Course Facility Name (the name of the company or institute where you completed your hands-on course).

Step 3: Go to and either sign in (if you already have an account) or select First Time Registration to create a new account. You will need to provide your Prometric Testing ID and your correct mailing and email addresses during the setup of your new account.

Step 4: Select Take Test from the menu and enter the appropriate keycode in the Private Tests box. Keycodes are available below in table entitled Keycodes for the Hands On Course Requirement Forms.

Step 5: Complete the requirement form and submit. Submit the appropriate Hands On Course Requirement form only AFTER you have attended your approved hands-on course.

What is that course?Should we take at any specific centre?

Reply to


Mohammed Taj said...


Any Oracle Certification paper which you get training from Any Oracle Authorized Training Center.

Mohammed Taj