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Sunday, August 26, 2007


remote_login_passwordfile parameter is use for Password Authentication Method.

There are three value for remote_login_passwordfile

1. None

With this setting "NONE" oracle behave passwordfile doesn't exists.

2. Exclusize ===>Default value.

An EXCLUSIVE password file can be used with only one instance of one database. Only an EXCLUSIVE file can be modified. Using an EXCLUSIVE password file enables you to add, modify, and delete users. It also enables you to change the SYS password with the ALTER USER command.

3. Shared

A SHARED password file can be used by multiple databases running on the same server, or multiple instances of a Real Application Clusters (RAC) database. A SHARED password file cannot be modified. This means that you cannot add users to a SHARED password file. Any attempt to do so or to change the password of SYS or other users with the SYSDBA or SYSOPER privileges generates an error. All users needing SYSDBA or SYSOPER system privileges must be added to the password file when REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE is set to EXCLUSIVE. After all users are added, you can change REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE to SHARED, and then share the file.

remote_login_passwordfile ====> is non modifiable parameters

this parameter is non modifiable. mean you have to restart oracle server to make any changes.

1. alter system set remote_login_passwordfile = [value]
2. shutdown
3. startup


1. shutdown
2. edit pfile and make changes in remote_login_passwordfile
3. create spfile from pfile
4. startup

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