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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making User-Managed Backups of the Whole Database

We can take two types of backup
1. Consistent / coldbackup / offline
2. Inconsistent / hotbackup / online

How to take consistent backup and what is consistent backup.

Consistent backup means all datafile , controlfile, redolog file having same SCN number. and consistent must be taken after database shutdown with NORMAL, TRANSACTIONAL, IMMEDIATE options.

For consistent backup no need to operate database in archivelog mode or we can say if database running in no archivelog mode then we can use COLDBACKUP/CONSISTENT/OFFLINE backup method.


1. shutdown IMMEDIATE;
2. COPY ALL *.dbf, *.log, *.ctl files
3. COPY spfilesid.ora,initsid.ora files
4. startup

Inconsistent or hotbackup or online backup

When database availability require 24x7 so we have to use ONLINE backup method.
and when we take online backup that backup called is inconsistent backup.
for online backup database MUST BE running in archivelog mode.

Control files play a crucial role in database restore and recovery. For databases running in ARCHIVELOG mode, Oracle Corporation recommends that you back up control files with the ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO 'filename' statement.


Hotbackup on Linux

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