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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


What is "remote_login_passwordfile" parameter and why we use" ?

We have two options for Super User "SYS" password authentication

1. Operating System authentication
2. Password file authentication

Password file authentication

When we use password file authentication then we have to create PASSWORD FILE for SYS user.

How to create password file ?

commandpromt>orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/database/orapwd.ora password=pwd entries=n force=y/n

entries=n "maximum number of distinct DBAs and OPERs (opt)"
force=y ""y" if password file already created"

When use "REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE" file parameter

When we using Password file authentication for "sys" user then we have to use "remote_login_password" parameter.

There are three value for this parameters


This is default value. if parameter set "exclusive" then we can use password file for authentication and connect to remote machine with sys user.Only an EXCLUSIVE file can contain the names of users other than SYS. Using an EXCLUSIVE password file lets you grant SYSDBA and SYSOPER system privileges to individual users and have them connect as themselves.


If this parameter set "NONE" means passwordfile doesn't exists


A SHARED password file can be used by multiple databases running on the same server. However, the only user recognized by a SHARED password file is SYS. You cannot add users to a SHARED password file. All users needing SYSDBA or SYSOPER system privileges must connect using the same name, SYS, and password. This option is useful if you have a single DBA administering multiple databases.

Note: In documentation "remote_login_passwordfile" default value is 'NONE' but when we create database through DBCA then it will take 'EXCLUSIVE' as default value.

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