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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"SMON: Parallel transaction recovery tried"

Wed Sep 26 11:34:23 2007
SMON: Parallel transaction recovery tried

We found above message in alert_sid.log file.

No need to worry about it. it is information message ...SMON start recovery in parrallel but failed and done in serial mode.


Anonymous said...

fast_start_paralell_rollback default is slow, ¿recommend change to high?

Muhammad Abdul Halim said...

also consider when need to change
parallel_max_servers parameter .

In my system, I changed the
"parallel_max_servers" parameter from 2560 to 300 . after that i am finding this message .

because, SMON failed to generate the slave servers(what are define at this "FAST_START_PARALLEL_ROLLBACK" parameter ) necessary to perform a parallel rollback of a transaction

may be its value is HIGH or LOW value is greater then parallel_max_servers parameter .