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Monday, November 12, 2007

How to Clear Oracle Certification ... ?

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How to Clear Oracle Certification?

There are couple of questions come in mind when anyone think about oracle certification.

1. Is Oracle Certification is beneficial for Job Seekers?
You know what is certification…?
It is just some couple of questions which based 80% on concept and theory.
And any Job opening wants Practical DBA means Practical Experience with Theory.

So as per my advice any oracle newbie first get some practical experience then go for certification.

2. How to prepare for Oracle Certification?
Oracle Certification is examination, so some rules apply which we follow in our college examination.
1. First define which Oracle Paper you want to write.
Go through below link and choose your paper
2. Second check Exam Topic, Objective.
Suppose we choose “izo-007” introduction to SQL paper. So now check what is exam topic is come in “introduction to SQL paper”. Because SQL is very big topic and exam question based on some most important chapters.
Check Exam topic for “introduction to SQL” paper

3. What is Oracle Exam format?
Whenever anybody going to write first time oracle paper then always worry about exam format. Now don’t worry Oracle provide demo for exam format.
1. Oracle Exam is objective types
2. For demo version please go through below link (paper:iz0-007)

3. What material we used for preparation?
1. Best material is “student guide” simple, easy and short.
Student Guide books comes with Oracle Course Kits.
2. Oracle Documentation
3. Practice Questions
On internet there are so many site which provide us practice question for oracle certification.

4. Looking for Dumps?
You know what is Dumps?
Dumps are real question which comes in Oracle Certification.
Some centre sold exam question like dumps for money and it is illegal please check it below link
And suppose you will get dumps from anywhere …so please don’t depend on it.
It is not sure all question comes from dumps.
Because some prometric centre keeps real question in their centre and refresh periodically. But some prometric centre like oracle prometric centre use main server through internet.

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