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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Database & Patch set Upgrade

Database & patch upgrade is one of the most important work for Database Administrator.

Before going further first understand what are “upgrade” & “migration” & “patch set” & “CPU patch” word.

Usually use for oracle database upgrade.
Eg: upgrade from oracle 9i to oracle 10g.

Usually use for migrate non oracle database to oracle database.
Eg: From SQL server database to oracle database

Patch set:
There are two types of patch upgrade
1. Patch set update
From one oracle version to another oracle version
Eg: oracle 9i to oracle 10g

NOTE: Patch set based on oracle base release
Eg: oracle 10gr1 ( and for 10gr2 (

2. CPU patch (Critical Patch update)
Patches is apply for fix database bug suppose after apply latest patch set for current release if there is any bug occur then oracle release cpu patches in regular interval to fix those bug.
Eg: oracle 10gr1 base rel:, Latest Patch set:, Latest CPU patch: Jan-08 CPU patch for

NOTE: CPU patch based on latest patch set.
For more info:
How to upgrade database to oracle 10gr2?

Determine the Upgrade Path to the New Oracle Database 10g Release

Before upgrading process we need to define upgrade method
There are four methods to upgrade our database
1. DBUA (Database upgrade assistant)
2. Manually upgrade
3. Export/Import
4. Data copying
Patch set upgrade example:
1. From oracle 9ir2 ( to on Windows
2. From oracle 9ir2 ( to on Solaris
3. From oracle 10gr1 ( to on windows

4. From oracle 10gr2 ( to on windows

5. From oracle 10gr2 ( to on Linux

Critical Patch update example:
On Oracle 10gr1 ( patch set

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