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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Configure Database for Flashback Technology

Configuring your database for flashback technology

· Configuring Your Database for Automatic Undo Management
Create undo tablespace with enough space to keep require undo data for flashback operations

Set AUTO for automatic undo management

Retention period will automatically set by system and we can check current undo retention through below query
Select tuned_undoretention from v$undostat;
Value return in SECONDs

· Configuring Your Database for Flashback Transaction Query
Ensure database is running with 10.x compatibility
Enable Supplemental logging
SQL> alter database add supplemental log data;
NOTE: user must have DBA role to enable supplemental logging.

· Configuring Your Database for Flashback Transaction
Database must be running in ARCHIVELOG mode
Enable supplemental logging

· Enabling Flashback Operations on Specific LOB Columns
Specify RETENTION period for LOB tables

· Granting Necessary Privileges
Flashback or select privilege for flashback query or flashback query version
Select any transaction privilege for flashback transaction query
SYSDBA or flashback archive privilege for flashback data archive (11g new feature)

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