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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today when I creating tablespace in our Development database that time I getting below error message

SQL> create tablespace TEST 2 datafile 'c:\ora10ghome\oradata\orcl10g\test01.dbf' size 9g;

datafile 'c:\ora10ghome\oradata\orcl10g\test01.dbf' size 9g *

ERROR at line 2:

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Check what Oracle Documentation say about this error message

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Cause: The connection between Client and Server process was broken.

Action: There was a communication error that requires further investigation. First, check for network problems and review the SQL*Net setup. Also, look in the alert.log file for any errors. Finally, test to see whether the server process is dead and whether a trace file was generated at failure time.

According above action: first we need to check network problem?

But in my case there was not network related problem.

Second we need to check alert[sid].log file for more information

in my case i found below entries in alertsid.log file

create tablespace TESTdatafile 'c:\ora10ghome\oradata\orcl10g\test01.dbf' size 9g

Wed May 14 11:01:36 2008

Starting control autobackup

Wed May 14 11:01:39 2008

Errors in file c:\ora10ghome\admin\orcl10g\udump\orcl10g_ora_1360.trc:

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [ACCESS_VIOLATION] [0x77C47B79] [] [] [] []

So the actuall reason for ORA-03113 error is ORA-07445 error and as we know ORA-07445 / ORA-00600 is database bug.

And whenever we encounter any bug then please visit METALINK site.

1. Login to site for this you need VALID CSI (customer support identifier) number.

2. Use ORA-00600/07445 lookup tools click here

3. Also check metalink note : Note:211909.1 for ORA-07445

NOTE: ORA-03113 mean BUG most of time.

so whenever your getting this error first check alertlog and use metalink for proper solution.

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