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Saturday, September 13, 2008

ORA-16401: archivelog rejected by RFS

Yesterday I configured Data Guard on our production box after that i got below error message in primary database alertsid.log file.

Errors in file f:\ora10g_home\admin\orcl\bdump\orcl_arc0_5132.trc:
ORA-16401: archivelog rejected by RFS
FAL[server, ARC0]: Complete FAL archive (thread 1 sequence 34687 destination orcldg)

After searching on metalink and oracle forums I come up with below suggestion.

1. It is just an informational message, no more action is required.

2. If Above message appear in "physical standby" database then it is reported as a Bug 4376276 - ORA-16401 can occur on standby Doc ID: Note:4376276.8

3. If "log_archive_dest_1" & "standby_archive_dest" parameter at standby site set for same location then above error can occur in alertsid.log file so make it differ to each other.

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