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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Concurrent Manager output/logfile location FAQ

Concurrent Manager output/logfile FAQ

Q1: Concurrent Manager output/logfile generated location?
A1: The out files are located under $FND_TOP/$APPLOUT, or if $APPLCSF is set,

Q2: output/logfile naming convention?
A2: output/logfile name convention control by APPCPNAM PARAMETER in env file.
APPCPNAM Variable Assignment (UNIX) Output File Format
APPCPNAM="REQID" o999999.out
APPCPNAM=(unset or unrecognized syntax) o999999.out

Q3: How to change the location /path of output/logfile of concurrent manager?
1. The Logs and Output are located in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG and $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT. You can change the value of APPLCSF, APPLLOG and APPLOUT from the context file or you can do it from OAM. The $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG and $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT directories should exist and be accessible from the concurrent node.

2. Run autoconfig and bounce the concurrent managers for the changes to be implemented.

Q4: Can we change the PREFIX of output/logfile of concurrent manager?
A4: AFAIK, no we can't change. log SR with Oracle Support to confirm.

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