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Friday, July 22, 2011

Personalizing The E-Business Suite r12 Login Page

1. Main attributes of the login page

In Release 12 the attributes of the login page are controlled thru the Framework personalizations.
To change them you can either:

Enable the Personalize Region links by setting the 'Personalize Self-Service Defn' profile option to 'Yes' at Site level (or at user level for GUEST user) then click on the desired links on the login page


Go to 'Functional Administrator' responsibility => choose 'Personalizations' tab and enter the value
"/oracle/apps/fnd/sso/login/webui" in the 'Document Path' field then click on the Go button.
The document names available are:


Click on the pencil icon (Personalize Page) for the document you want to change. The 'Choose Personalization Context' will be displayed. Click on the 'Apply' button to display the personalization page. It will show the personalization structure and the item attributes. Select 'Complete View' radio button and click on the 'Expand All' link. At this stage you can choose the desired item attribute. Click on the pencil icon to edit.

a. Login zone
(document name: /oracle/apps/fnd/sso/login/webui/loginRN)

The following table lists the attributes that you can change:

Image: (corporateBrandingImage)
Image: people image
Image: globalTop image
Image: global image
Message Text Input: User Name
Message Text Input: Password
Submit Button: Submit
Submit Button: Cancel
Message Styled Text: Forgot your password
Message Styled Text: Register Here
Message Choice: Accessibility

You can edit the properties of an attribute. For instance, if you don't want an attribute to be displayed, set the property 'Rendered' to false (e.g. Cancel button or Accessibility field).

b. Language zone
(document name: /oracle/apps/fnd/sso/login/webui/LangImagesRN)

For instance if you have one language and don't want to display this zone, then change the property 'Rendered' to false for the 'Table Layout'.

2. Message texts

A message text is used for certain attributes. The "Tip Message Name" property allows you to change
the message name and use a customized message. Please note that is considered as customization and
may be reverted by patches delivering new messages.

To change the value of a standard message:
1. Go to "Application Developer" responsibility
2. Select "Messages" from the menu
3. Query the message name (e.g. "FND_SSO_FORGOT_PASSWORD") then enter your message text in the "Current Message Text" field
4. Save changes and exit
5. Clear cache and bounce Apache to see the change

Below are the messages, with default value, used in the login page:

Message Name Value
FND_SSO_HINT_USERNAME (example: michael.james.smith)
FND_SSO_HINT_PASSWORD (example: 4u99v23)

3. Corporate branding logo

The profile option "Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications" controls the
corporate branding image "ORACLE" displayed at the top of all OA Framework pages.
If no value is set for this profile, OA Framework renders the corporate branding image by using the $OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif file.

If you change the value of this profile with the name of your custom image you will see your logo in all pages except in the login page because the "FNDSSCORP.gif " is hard coded in MainLoginPG.xml.

Hence if you want to change the corporate branding image with your own logo and thus in all pages including the login page the simplest solution is to:

- rename the FNDSSCORP.gif file for backup
- edit the FNDSSCORP.gif with your preferred graphic software
- log out and log into the Applications
- you should see the new logo at the top of all the page (including the login page)

In case you want a different logo for the login page then the only (non supported) solution consists in editing the $FND_TOP/mds/sso/login/webui/MainLoginPG.xml file,


[oa:image id="corporateBrandingImage" source="/OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif" /]


[oa:image id="corporateBrandingImage" source="/OA_MEDIA/" />]

Of course you will need to import the customized MainLoginPG.xml into the MDS repository
using the XMLImporter tool (please review Note 344204.1 for the exact command line).

4. Footer

Different elements are displayed at the bottom of the page:

About this page

- go to System Administrator responsibility => Profile => System
- change the value of 'FND: Diagnostics' profile option to "Yes" to display this link

Privacy Statement and Copyright

- login to the Applications
- click on the link "Personalize Page" at the top of the Oracle Applications Home Page
- click on "Choose Context" button
- select "OA Footer" for the scope, click on "Apply" button
(the document name should be/oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/OAFooter)
- in the this page "Personalize Region: Standard Footer" you can change the item Privacy (Destination URI and Text properties) and the item Copyright (Prompt property)

Note that these changes will apply on all pages.


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