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Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Closed "Error" Notification from Workflow list

Dear All
In the oracle application day to day operation end user or sysadmin get many ERROR notification that required to be closed.

use the following scripts or step for the needful.
1. find out the item_type for the notification from wf_notifications tables
connect with apps/apps schema and execute below query

 select message_type from wf_notifications where notification_id = {NID}

use the following scripts to abort /closed all the error notification from workflow list.

         cursor c_item_keys is
         select act.item_type , act.item_key
              from wf_item_activity_statuses act
             ,wf_notifications n
             ,wf_items itm
             where act.notification_id = n.notification_id
             and act.item_type = itm.item_type
             and act.item_key = itm.item_key
             and itm.end_date is null
             and act.item_type = ''
             and act.activity_status in ('ERROR','NOTIFIED')
             and n.status = 'OPEN'
             and act.assigned_user = 'SYSADMIN';

             counter number; 

    counter := 1 ;
    for item in c_item_keys loop
         counter := counter + 1 ;
         if counter > 1000 then
                counter := 1 ;
         end if;
     end loop;

replace the {item_type} by item_type received from step1.

after that run the concurrent request   "Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data".

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