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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to generate form / library / menu for Oracle Application

Form / Library / Menu generation for Oracle application is a part of Oracle Apps DBA.

And this task we need to perform on frequent basis (depends on environment).

in this particular article i will going to explore how to generate form , library and menu in oracle application.

To generate any form/ library & menu there is executable which we need to use , that executable depends on specific platform.

for r12 oracle application.
we need to use "" (unix) / "frmcmp.exe" (windows)

1. How to Generate FORM Example:
{command line}
{forms executable} module={source form name} userid=APPS/{APPS password} 
output_file={executable form name} module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

Example:  module=XXXX.fmb userid=APPS/APPS 

output_file / module_type , batch and comiple parameter are optional to generate FORM.

If you have errors:

FRM-10054: Cannot attach library ...
FRM-10083: Cannot Open ...
FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects...

check FORMS45_PATH (10.7-11.0.3), FORMS60_PATH (11i) or FORMS_PATH (r12) variable,
it must contain at least resource paths where reside libraries (*.pll, *.plx files)
and directories where reside form source files (*.fmb).

2. How to generate LIBRARY 
same executables used to generate the forms but command line changes:

{command line}

{forms executable}  {library name}  {{APPS/{APPS password}}
module_type =library  compile_all=special

Example: module=/TEST/testappl/au/12.0/resource/APPCORE.pll userid=APPS/APPS
output_file=/TEST/testappl/au/12.0/resource/APPCORE.plx module_type=library compile_all=special

3. How to generate MENU

{command line}

{forms executable}  module={source menu name}  userid={APPS/{APPS password}}
output_file={executable menu name} module_type=menu  batch=yes  compile_all=special


f60gen  module=FNDMENU.mmb  userid=APPS/APPS  output_file=FNDMENU.mmx
module_type=menu  batch=yes  compile_all=special

Notes :

1. If you have to generate many forms in Oracle Applications you can run
adadmin, menu 'Maintain Applications Files' => 'Generate form files'.

2. You could also run Forms Designer to generate a particular form, you need
to be connected to the database and must verify that you have access to dependent
modules where objects may be referenced.

              Unix               Windows 95   Windows NT     Windows 2000/2003

10.7SC         N/A               f45gen.exe   f45gen32.exe    N/A
10.7NCA       f45gen              N/A         f45gen32.exe    N/A
11.0.x        f45gen              N/A         f45gen32.exe   f45gen32.exe   
11.5.x        f60gen              N/A         f60gen.exe     f60gen.exe
12.x     N/A          N/A           frmcmp.exe           
source: Oracle Documentation 

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