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Monday, August 22, 2011

RAMADAN in dubai

Dear All,
Hope all are doing good... few of my readers asked me to write on OFF TOPIC like happening in my personal life , view on any particular subject etc.

Actually it is a good idea to take few minutes from our day to day work and write something on off topic...

so i have decided to write on off topic by today...

today i am going to write on RAMADAN month. 
All over the world RAMADAN month is going on ...

let me explain what is special about this month. 

RAMADAN is a name of the month in ISLAM , where all the muslim do fasting (full day from early morning to till evening (based on timing as per calender) without having anything (no food, no water).

In this month specially we do more prayer and salaat ( namaz) , Zakaat  and all other good deeds like helping any other person.

I can say i am one of the lucky person because i am staying in DUBAI (UAE) gulf country.

it is very helpful over here in dubai to do RAMADAN MONTH, because office timings are changed (just 6 hours) from morning 8 to 2 (it is different by type of companies)) and in the city (everyone) all the food stuff shops are closed during day timing, everywhere we can hear voice of recite QURAN (holy book of islam) & namaz.

We are thankful to GOD to provide this month in our life. 


Shadani said...

This month provides us a chance to get rid of sins and to become closer to Allah. I wish you all the days of Ramadan with great peace and prayers. Happy Ramadan month

Mohammed Taj said...

Thanks and happy eid to you and your family.