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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Restore database without backup with original database files

Today i come across one of the OTN forums question regarding "How to restore database without backup with original database files"

As mentioned in the question is:
OS windows
Oracle Ver:

by mistake user deleted the registry and uninstall the oracle software from OS. but he took the backup of original database files (redo.control.datafile)

the database was up and running while he deleted all registry and uninstall oracle software via Oracle Universal Installer.

Not in the particular case but also we can re-build database if we have intact original database files.

the following steps will be helpful
1.  Install Oracle software 
2. Install any patchset or cpu ( same as before uninstalled)
3. create oracle services via ORADIM ( SID should be same as original database SID)
4. create password files
5. create pfile ( with the required parameters) You can create one dummy database and take the pfile from that database for reference.
6. create the needful directories ( like oradata/admin/bdump/udump/cdump) etc
7. restore original database files from backup to oradata folder 
NOTE: It is better if file structure should be same as before uninstall otherwise we need to change the location of controlfiles then relocate redolog and datafiles to the new locations
8. connect to the idle instance with created pfile 
9. start database in steps ( to that we can verify and change locations of the files (if required)
10. startup nomount
11. alter database mount
12. alter database open

if you can open successful then write me email at askdbataj


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