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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oracle Business Intelligence on Win XP (32bit) (OBIEE)

OS : Windows XP (32bit)/ Oracle Business Intelligence

Important Point:

1. Download software (OBIEE 11G)

Repository Creation Utility (OBIEE 11G)

2. Download documentation for quick installation guide

3. Reference Guide

4. You will find error in the configuration stage because of the two missing .DLL files in c:/windows/system32 directory

1. First verify the hardware and software requirement
2. Create SCHEMA for OBIEE through RCU (repository creation utility) 
NOTE: Make sure you have Oracle Database available (you need to do separate installation of oracle database)

3. Once repository creation is completed then install OBIEE 11g

Important Instruction
1. Don't keep the same password as schema (username)., during the installation of RCU (repository creation utility) system will ask for the password of OBI user then don't give same password as schema name.

2. Make sure you don't have any space in the path of "rcu.bat" file.
eg: c:\documents and setting\rcuhome\bin\rcu.bat" will throw error because "documents and settings" have space.

Screen Shot

I am installing SAMPLE INSTALL.

Create directory for the installation on file system and select path in the Middleware home.

Don’t change the name of User, just give the password.

Connect string: hostname:port:servicename
Username and password ( is created in RCU ) installation. 

During RCU installation we assign password for weblogic user. use that password.

Type: Simple Install
Installation Details
Middleware Home: C:\OBIEE
BI Oracle Home: C:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1
WebLogic Server Home: C:\OBIEE\wlserver_10.3
BI Domain Home: C:\OBIEE\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain
BI Domain Name: bifoundation_domain
Instance Home: C:\OBIEE\instances\instance1
Instance Name: instance1
Configure Components
WebLogic Console
Oracle Enterprise Manager
Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Business Intelligence Publisher
Real-Time Decisions

NOTE: IE (INTERNET EXPLORER) 7,8 is supported., Google Chrome is supported.

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