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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to change IP address on oracle biz suite r12


Users are not able to Log into the E-Business Suite Instance. Trying to access the E-Biz Instance, statis page redirection to /OA_HTML/ApssLogin is resulting in "page can't find"


The IP address of the Instance is changed but DBA followed incorrect method.

Hence new IP address wasn't propogated to FND_NODES resulting in error.


E-Business Suite Instance recognise host name of the node not IP address, but it does store the IP address in FND_NODES under SERVER_ADDRESS column. Follow the correct method of IP Address Change in E-Business Suite Instance.

Middle Tier

1. Change the IP address on the servers. Remember to check changes at all places depending on the Operating System e.g. /etcc/hosts in Linux.

2. Ensure to change the entry for the hostname in the DNS lookup table i.e. specify the new IP address at the DNS server. Check it with 'nslookup'.

3. Stop the Middle Tier Services.

4. Run the following command to remove the old IP address from the Oracle Applications tables:

> perl $AD_TOP/bin/ appspass=apps contextfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/_hostname.xml -removeserverNote: Replace _hostname.xml for the context file name under the $APPL_TOP/admin directory. Both must be entered in upper case.

In R12 context file location is $INST_TOP/appl/admin/_.xml.

5. Connect to SQL*Plus as apps user and run:


FND_NET_SERVICES.remove_server('', '');




/Note: Replace by the SID of the environment and by the hostname in the environment.

Both must be entered in upper case.

6. Run AutoConfig on the Middle Tier to populate the FND_NODES.

7. Use following script to check if the change is reflected in FND_NODES table:

spool fnd_nodes

set pagesize 50

col node_name format a15

col server_id format a8

col server_address format a15

col platform_code format a4

col webhost format a12

col domain format a20

col virtual_ip format a12

set linesize 132

select node_id, platform_code, support_db D, support_cp C, support_admin A, support_forms F,

support_web W, node_name, server_id, server_address, domain, webhost, virtual_ip

from fnd_nodes

order by node_id;

Now the FND_NODES should have correct IP Address value.

8. For R12, follow Note 555214.1 OACORE Processes Won't Start After Increasing Their Number In Oracle Applications Release 12 In Context.xml to purge the lock files.

9. Start the Middle Tier Services.

Database Layer

1. Look for the hardcoded old IP Address in the following files:

a) listener.ora

b) tnsnames.ora (Local Naming) or check if any other naming method is used to resolve address.

Check if any of the parameter using the old IP Address.

2) Check if the parameter LOCAL_LISTENER and REMOTE_LISTENER parameter been set in Database Initialization file.

3) If its a Production Instance then its recommended to take the backup of the Database.

4) Please refer the Note 274476.1 and Note 363609.1 to have a detailed view to change the IP Address of the Database Server.

5) As the change is made at the OS (Operating System) level.Please ensure that the IP address gets reflected in the DNS server and also in the local host file.

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