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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

R12 CE: Unable to view Legal Entities LoV’s in the bank account definition page

If you are experiencing difficulties in seeing all your required Legal Entities as a List of Values (LoV) within the bank account definition form in Oracle Cash Management, following these simple steps will rectify the issue and unlock the LoV. This process will also explain how to grant permissions to a specific role or responsibility based on bank account use and maintenance.
  1. Login to Oracle Applications as sysadmin
  2. Select the User Management Responsibility
  3. Select the navigation path of ‘Roles and Role Inheritance’
  4. Within the field ‘Type‘, select Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Following step 4, a new field appears called ’Category‘, select ‘Miscellaneous’ as the value
  6. Within the ‘Application‘ field, select ‘Cash Management‘. Note: Add the name of the role or responsibility if known
  7. Click Go
    User Mgt Search
  8. Search for the role or responsibility that you intend to use to create bank accounts. Note: The permissions you assign during the rest of this procedure will be aligned to the choice you make here.
  9. Click on the update icon against the desired role or responsibility
  10. A new window (update Role) will be displayed. Click the ‘Security Wizards‘ button
  11. Click Save and Proceed (if requested)
  12. Click the ‘Run Wizard‘ icon against ‘CE UMX Security‘ row
  13. Bank Account Security Management Window: In this window you can add all legal entities to which you wish to grant access and assign permissions based on the selected role or responsibility. Click the ‘Add Legal Entities‘ button and select any required legal entities that are not already listed.
  14. Choose each permission that you wish to assign to the Legal Entity for the role or responsibility relating to bank accounts and further use within the applications. Choices include Use, Maintenance and Bank account Transfers. Note: Each permission is explained at the foot of this procedure.
  15. Apply the changes and then verify in the Cash Management responsibility if you are now able to see the Legal Entities in bank account creation form.
    Bank Account: Grant Permissions
Bank Account Grants: PermissionsUse: Allows the user to view the bank accounts for the selected legal entity in Cash Positioning, Cash Forecasting and Cash flows, as well as reconcile cash flows for the selected legal entity.
Bank Account Transfer: Allows the user to transfer funds from and to the bank accounts for the selected legal entity.
Maintenance: Allows the user to create and update bank accounts for the selected legal entity.

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