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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New in the Oracle Database 10gr1

New in the Oracle Database 10gr1
1.Server manageability features

2.Automatic system task maintenance

3.Bigfile tablespaces

4.Multiple default temporary tablespace support for SQL operations

5.Rename tablespace

6.Cross-platform transportable tablespaces

7.SYSAUX tablespace

8.Automatic Storage Management

9.Drop database

10.Oracle Flashback Transaction Query

11.Oracle Flashback Version Query

12.Oracle Flashback Table

13.Oracle Flashback Drop

14.Enhanced online redefinition

15.Automatic statistics collection


17.Database Resource Manager enhancement

18.New initialization parameter RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT

19.Application services

20.Simplified recovery through resetlogs

21.Automated shared server configuration and simplified shared server configuration parameters.

22.Consolidation of session-specific trace output

23.Block remote access to restricted instances

24.Dynamic SGA enhancements

25.Irreversible database compatibility

26.Flash recovery area

27.Sorted hash clusters

28.Copying Files Using the Database Server

29.Deprecation of MAXTRANS physical attribute parameter

30.Deprecation of use of rollback segments (manual undo management mode)

31.Deprecation of the UNDO_SUPPRESS_ERRORS initialization parameter

32.Deprecation of the PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING initialization parameter

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