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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) New Features

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) New Features

1.Transparent data encryption

2.Increased maximum number of partitions per schema object

3.DML error logging

4.Enhancements to Automatic Shared Memory Management

5.Improved automatic tuning of undo retention results in fewer "ORA-01555: snapshot too old" messages.

6.The Segment Advisor now reports tables with excessive row chaining.

7.Enhancements to the online segment shrink capability

8.Enhancements to online table redefinition

9.Support for XMLTypes in the transportable tablespace facility

10.Enhancements to space management

11.Control files no longer need to be recreated when changing certain configuration parameters

12.Tablespace low-space alert thresholds by free space remaining

13.Fast partition split is now supported for partitioned index-organized tables.

14.Automatically enabled resource manager

15.Enhanced Resource Manager monitoring

16.Automatic Storage Management (ASM) files are now accessible through an XML DB virtual folder

17.Automatic Storage Management now has a command-line utility (ASMCMD)

18.Automatic Storage Management now supports high-redundancy (3-way mirrored) files in normal redundancy disk groups

19.Automatic Storage Management (ASM) supports multiple database versions

20.The DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER package can now copy files between a local file system and an Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disk group.

21.The ALTER DISKGROUP command has a new REBALANCE WAIT clause.

22.Enhancements to the Scheduler

23.Resource optimized DROP TABLE...PURGE for partitioned tables

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