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Saturday, August 9, 2008

ORA-00959 tablespace "_$deleted$0$0' Does Not Exist

Yesterday I upgrade the Production DB from 10gr1 ( to 10gr2 ( on Linux 4.

Upgrading process going fine and well. but after upgrading when I trying to export DB schema then I was getting below error

ORA-00959 tablespace '_$deleted$0$0' Does Not Exist

Then after I visit to metalink and found below metalink note: 604648.1

It is unpublish BUG.

Short Hint: Above Error occur after when we done below procedure after upgrade.

1. create new temp tablespace

2. make default temp tablespace to new one

3. drop old temp tablespace

4. rename new tablespace name to old tablespace name

After that we will get above error. for solution kindly visit mentioned metalink note.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mohammed Taj,
Please check the temporary tablespace for the exported schema.

SQL > select username, temporary_tablespace from dba_users;


Babu B said...

Thanks for sharing..


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Taj,
Thank you very much for informing...

sona said...

thank for sharing