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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upgrade DB from 10gr1 to 10gr2

Yesterday I upgrade our production box from 10gr1 to 10gr2 on linux platform.

Old Version:

New Version:

Platform: Linux 4

I am going to share with you short notes for upgrade process which i follow.


1. Take backup of Oracle DB / Ora Inventory / Ora_home of old version

2. Install New oracle version with Seperate ORACLE_HOME directory

3. Run Pre-Upgrade Utility on database

4. Run catupgrd.sql script on database Under New Oracle Home.

5. Run utlrp.sql script for compile all invalid objects

6. Bounce the database (shutdown normal + startup)

7. Create spfile or change location of redolog or datafile if these files exists in "old oracle home".

8. Remove the old oracle home folder.

9. shutdown the database startup with spfile in mount mode then change location of datafile/redolog file then open the database

10. Take the database full backup.

11. Create the new temporary tablespace if old temporary tablespace is exist on old oracle home and make default temporary tablespace to database , rename the temp tablespace name

check also below metalink note:

Above steps is only short details for upgrade.

Kindly visit Oracle official upgrade guide

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