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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best Practices: Oracle 9i User Managed Backup & Recovery

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In this article i will descripe some good scnerios of backup and recovery option with Oracle 9i.

Backup and Recovery is a primary work for Oracle DBA. so every DBA must know every possible way to recover and backup their database.

There is mainly two option for taking HOT backup of Oracle Database.
2. User Managed

NOTE: Both method required ARCHIVELOG mode.

1. How to enable Archivelog Mode

2. What is HOT backup?

In this article I will show you following point regarding backup and recovery in practical view.

1. How to take Online User Managed backup in Oracle 9ir1

After taking Proper database backup it is always recommended backup testing, becuase if backup is not valid then it is useless.

Through below two method we can use for TEST database backup which taken by User Managed.

1. Best Practices is to restore and recover backup on different host

2. Using DBVERFIY utility check physical corruption of backup

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