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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Apply Application Patch - Oracle Application

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Patching is the part of Oracle Application DBA duties.  And this task we have to perform on frequently basis.
I will try to cover all the major and simple step for application patch procedure.

Application: R12
OS: Linux 32 bit.

--- This article will cover only APPLICATION PATCH ---
Eg: There is a bug in the Receivable Module, Oracle support provide patch to apply"  

1. Don't shutdown the services of APPLICATION & DATABASE Tier
2. Enable application maintenance mode
3. Download patch from and unzip on application tier
4. run adpatch utility and apply the needful patch
5. review the patchlogfile for any kind of error message 
6. Disable application maintenance mode

For any doubt asktaj

1. self explanatory 
2. login with application user on application tier and run adadmin utility and follow the instruction
3. self explanatory
4. with application user on application tier run adpatch utility and follow the instruction
NOTE: application must be in maintenance mode otherwise you will receive the error.

5. must review the patch logfile (location of the patchlogfile you can find end of the patch in last bottom lines)

6. login with application user on application tier run adadmin utility and disable the maintenance mode.
NOTE: application must be disable after patch installation otherwise end user will not able to login to application and they will get the warning message something like "Application in maintenance mode contact your system administrator".

For any doubt asktaj

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