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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tips: Improve performance with Oracle Streams

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Tips: Improve performance with Oracle Streams
Source Database
1. set capture process parallelism
SQL> exec dbms_capture_adm.set_parameter
(capture_name => ‘name’,parameter => ‘parallelism’,value => 16);
NOTE: Default value is 1.

Target Database
2. set apply process parallelism
SQL> exec dbms_apply_adm.set_parameter
(apply_name => ‘name’,parameter => ‘parallelism’,value => 16);

3. Increase SHARED_POOL_SIZE (prior 10g) & STREAM_POOL_SIZE (10g later)
4. Increase the SDU (Session data unit) in a WAN (wide area network)
5. Implement “heartbeat” table for monitor changes on target database
6. Increase “log_archive_max_processes” parameter
5. Use Frequent Commit Interval in Source database.

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