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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SYSADMIN Login via Discoverer Admin Fails with Invalid Username/Password (ORA-1017)

When connecting to an Oracle Applications mode EUL as the SYSADMIN user via Discoverer Administration Edition, an error is encountered:


Unable to connect to: sysadmin:@myinstance
Failed to connect to database - Unable to connect to Oracle Applications database: invalid

All required Applications setup steps have been completed and the DBC files have been copied from FND_TOP\Secure directory on the 11i instance to the $ORACLE_HOME\SECURE directory on the client PC.

SYSADMIN user IS able to connect via Discoverer Admin on this same PC to other instances and does
not get errors.
The EUL owner is able to connect to the production instance.
This only fails on the Production server instance and only fails for SYSADMIN (or other privileged applications user).


Incorrect instance name referenced in the local dbc file name.

The dbc file in the PC "secure" directory was named "myhost_myinstance.dbc" but the actual instance
name on the 11i machine was "myinstance_1."  Due to the instance name mismatch, the ORA-1017 invalid username/password error occurred.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1.  Logon to SQL*Plus and run following query to confirm instance and host name:

    SQL> select lower(host_name) || '_' || lower(instance_name) from v$instance;

2. Rename the existing DBC file in the $ORACLE_HOME/SECURE directory to accurately reflect the hostname_instance on this server.  This must be done on the client PC where Discoverer Administration Edition is installed.

Reference: Metalink, Oracle OTN forums

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